Benefits of Pop up Displays

Pop up displays are very popular today

pop_up_trade_show_displayPop up displays are very popular today because they provide a very affordable way to participate in industry related trade shows.  In fact it used to be that to participate in an exhibit you’d either have to buy a very expensive exhibit booth or rent one.  Today we offer many types of displays that can be purchased for less than the cost of the rentals.  Part of the problem with the rental booths is that you have to pay to have the graphics designed; then you need to pay to have the graphics printed.  The rental booth company has no use for your graphics once the exhibit is over so it will get tossed out.  The rental companies may talk about your savings in not shipping an exhibit booth around the country yet that is not a valid argument when many of the lightweight displays available today are in the range of 15 to 48 pounds.  At this low weight your display can travel like a checked bag on any airlines.

Additionally many of the exhibit booths now don’t even require any tools for assembly. There is no need to hire workers at the event site to install your booth. The savings in labor costs is substantial even if you only participate in just two or three exhibits a year. Options are available in 6, 8, 10 and 20 foot versions and all setup within literally seconds to at the most just a few minutes.  We have some with carry cases that have wheels just like a suitcase and the carry case will convert into a podium.  This provides a nice table top space for taking orders or just to display some brochures or give away items.

We have options that include attaching lights to illuminate the display from the front and other options to illuminate the displays from behind.  When illuminated from behind these are referred to as backlit displays. Typically in showrooms where they are sold the room is somewhat darker than normal which causes a backlit display to look so much more awesome than it will in the brightly lighted exhibit hall. Most of our clients find that they don’t need any lights at all.  However if you do need them we only recommend the LED style because they save energy, don’t get as hot as the halogen bulbs and they are approved for use around the country.  Some states and exhibit halls will only allow LED lights to be used.

Another important consideration is that the cost has become so low that it isn’t even a factor in deciding to get a pop up or some other style of trade show display.  Additionally while the prices have come down the quality has gone up.  As an example the printer you use in your office or at home today cost less than the one you had five years ago and gives better quality printing.  This same technology change has taken place in printing trade show graphics.  We are now able to print high resolution graphics on lightweight fabrics at surprisingly low prices.