20 Foot Trade Show Displays

Most of the time we find that our clients that decide to exhibit in trade shows begin with a table top or ten foot display.

Most of the time we find that our clients that decide to exhibit in trade shows begin with a table top or ten foot display. Once they begin to have success with this type of exhibit then they want to get more for their money. Having a much larger exhibit for example double the size does not equate to a doubling of the cost. The display itself will cost a bit more than a smaller booth yet not typically double. It is also important to consider that if you send for people to the exhibition then you have airfare, food and hotel accommodations to consider and none of this changes with a larger exhibit booth. Once you’ve paid for your new, larger booth then the only extra cost is for the rental of a larger space and that is the only thing that will cost double.

In a ten foot space it takes only about 3 seconds for an attendee to walk right past you. With the twenty foot space it takes twice as long which gives you more time to greet people and engage them in a conversation or at the very least ask a qualifying question.

The larger exhibit area also allows you to make room for a small table and chairs while still having space for a large graphic featuring your newest products or services. If your company sells products then with the larger space you’ll find it is easier to give product demonstrations and if you use any type of interactive display you won’t feel crowded.

Additionally you can have something extending out from the center your back wall which could contain your logo or a marketing slogan. This allows people to spot your company as they approach from both directions. In a ten foot space this wouldn’t be possible because the exhibit hall won’t allow you to have something extending outward from either end of the ten foot space and in the middle it would just take up all of your room. You may also want to consider a sign hanging above your space instead of the sign extending out from the back wall or use both!

Twenty-Foot Exhibit Booths


20 Foot Curved Wall Display

Rounded end caps on twenty foot curved wall display


Two ten foot walls combined to make a twenty foot exhibit booth

20 foot alcove pop up trade show display


Twenty foot Gullwing Pop Up Trade Show Display

Twenty Foot L Shaped Pop Up Display


Twenty Foot Serpentine Exhibit Booth

20 Foot Flat Wall Exhibit Booth


Twenty Foot Gullwing Exhibit Booth

20 Ft Gullwing Trade Show Display


20 Foot Display With TV Monitor

20 Foot Serpentine Mural Display With Podium


20 Ft Serpentine Display With Interactive TV Monitor

20 Foot Straight Wall Exhibit Booth


20 Foot Straight Wall Exhibit Booth

Reverse Gullwing Twenty Foot Exhibit Booth


Straight Wall and Curved Wall 20 Foot Exhibit Booth