Exhibit Booth Podiums

The 10 foot trade show displays are what most of our clients prefer. These podiums fit perfectly in a 10 foot exhibit space.

rick-glowSometimes a your booth kit comes with a carry case that converts to a podium. For many exhibitors that is a perfect solution and the specific details about the size and shape of the podium aren’t that important. The podiums shown on this page are more customizable and do not convert to a carry case. These are intended to be more of a work station and can support monitors, computers, products and be used for product demonstrations.

The light up podium or glow podium makes your logo stand out like no other podium. We custom design these lighted podiums for use in trade shows, presentations and retail stores. They are specially designed so that no shadows from the inside are cast upon the graphics. The graphic is easily changed as it is only held in place by Velcro™.


Above you can see a 3D rendering showing how a custom designed podium will look. In this case the client wants a TV monitor so we will be adding two posts and a monitor mount.


Here is the finished product and you can see the two posts on the right side which make up the monitor mount. The posts have grooves in them which are used to hide the cables that will run up to the monitor. Between the posts you can see the crossbar and what can’t be seen here is the built in bubble level that allows you to get the monitor level before you attach it to the crossbar. The two black vertical bars hanging from the crossbar come off and are mounted on the TV monitor first. Once the vertical bars are on the monitor then the monitor is lifted and it will hang on the crossbars much like hanging a picture on a wall. This makes it very easy to setup the monitor. The main benefit of having a monitor on the podium is that the podium is upfront where everyone will see the monitor.

Here is a 3-D rendering we made to show the client exactly what their podium with monitor mount would look like.


We also offer custom programming of touch screen displays like the one pictured above. If you are thinking of having a monitor at your next exhibit we suggest having the monitor right upfront where it will be easy for people to see.  Instead of just running a video we can create an interactive display for you that gets people involved in the buying process.

The video above shows how easy it is to assemble this type of exhibit booth podium.